Moonlight and love songs never go out of date.

Rediscovered these photos, shot by Richard Avedon. Love them. There's something about a black & white photo, a feeling, an emotion, that I can't get from color.

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Bob Dylan. New York. 1965.

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Paris. 1957.

Artists on repeat: Pop Girls etc., Delta Spirit, The Honey Trees, White Rabbits.

P.S. 13 days 'til COLDPLAY.

Loverly Miss on etsy store OPEN!

Loverly Miss has now opened!
New items added often (more items to be added today..), come check it out!


Finished Projects; Take TEN.

I call this a July dress. Perhaps because I visioned it being worn with vintage-y red heels, near the 4th of July.

white polka dot zip top, blue full skirt bottom, elastic at waist.

This dress will soon be available for purchase in my shop, opening this weekend!


Hint hint, wink wink...

Busy me, busy me. This past week or so I have been in an intense state of 'design mode' (did someone spike my hot chocolate?). Seriously, crazy.

I am SO excited to have my etsy shop up and running soon! I have so many loverly pieces just waiting to get out.. STAY TUNED!

love & things,