Welcome, two thousand ten.

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* turtleneck- tjmaxx; lace skirt- finished projects; belt- dad's old leather I snatched *

Everyone excited for the New Year?!

All years previous to this one, I've spent the New Year celebrating in gatherings, loud and big. Not this one.
This New Years Eve, I'm staying in. I'll wear my over sized red robe, watch old black and white films, drink cocoa from a champagne glass, surrounded by blankets and wandering thoughts. Welcoming this New Year drenched in twilight and humbled with gratitude, ready for more.
When I think of 2009, I think of changes. Progress. The year my heart and mind changed greatly. Still more awaiting, and I couldn't be more happy and anxious.
Here comes 2010. It's going to be a big one, really.

Be safe, don't forget who you are when you smile.

Your covers blown.

shot by Swagger 360

Francesco Cominelli shot by Vanessa Jackman

shot by The Sartorialist

The man behind Swagger 360, shot by Racked.com

Love all these shots. Each handsome fellow has his own style.

Cocoa and cinnamon toast,

And they're all hoping for a wish fulfilled

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* sweater dress- thrifted vintage; tied belt- thrifted; feather shoes- finished project *

Holiday lights on chilly nights. Yummy food and cheery moods. Songs we sing and remember during a very special time in December. Time with friends you wish wouldn't end. Relaxing warmly with hot chocolatey goodness, while anticipation of Santa keeps the little ones restless. These are a few of my favorite things.

Smile. Feliz Navidad!

Take on me.

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* sheer blouse and mesh geometric heels- thrifted vintage; skirt- finished project *

I'd rather wear tights in winter than pants. I think it's actually warmer. Crazy?
What's on your Christmas playlist? For myself, a mixture of 1940's Christmas, Manheim Steamroller, Elf Soundtrack, and Michael Buble. Bing Crosby may have the ability to make me blush. Just maybe, I said.

Bundle up,

P.S. Keep an eye on the etsy shop, plenty of skirts coming Wednesday/Thursday.

The words she knows, the tune she hums.

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* emerald jacket- thrifted and altered; top- khol's; skirt and headband- finished projects; boots and gloves- thrifted vintage *

Artists on repeat: The Maccabees, The Temper Trap, Josh Pyke, In Eaves.

So be good for goodness sake.

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Why are major holidays within just weeks of each other? Maybe traveling families and wallets would be happier if there were space between, and bellies could recoop and prepare for the next feast.
But.. I guess, maybe it's best to hide bursting bellies in the safety of cold weather, rather than swimming weather. And, Friday after Thanksgiving is the day everyone knows its okay to start listening to Christmas tunes, setting up the tree. And really, a week after Christmas just might be a great time to welcome the new year. Well, hmm... I suppose as long as I've got hot chocolatey goodness and a full belly, laughing it off with the family, I'm just great. No complaints.

Happy feasting and warm hands and toes to you.

Deux: X marks the spot.

I love this yellow gold coat! I replaced the old broken clasps with these swirly ones. Bring on the cold weather. ...Oh wait- just kidding! Really!

Vintage poncho and navy blue wool skirt are available in the etsy store, along with a handful of other vintage pieces that haven't made it to the blog. Check 'em out, dare you.

Cocoa and happily ever afters,

X marks the spot.

Hit the thrifting jackpot today. No joke. Some treasures are going in the etsy store.
I'll share some items real soon, including a great autumn yellow/gold colored dress coat.
Until then...

Can't believe I found these. They will be in the etsy store Tuesday.


Sunday rain is falling.

* men's button-up shirt- thrifted; legging pants- tj maxx; long sweater- gift; thanks Jana for the mug :) *

What if.. you were deaf. Completely deaf. Have you ever REALLY thought about it? You wouldn't hear your favorite song. Birds in the morning. Ocean waves. Harmonies, acoustics. Rain. Laughter. 'I love you'. Whispers. ...dang. I guess.. it's a good thing we have four other senses.


P.S. There's something about wearing a men's shirt that makes a woman feel great.

Your undisclosed desires.

* dress I made from a pillowcase pieces, has subtle striping; long cardigan and v-top booties- Ross; striped tights- Walmart *

Artists on repeat: Band of Skulls (chya, they're def. a fav.), The Black and White Years, A Fine Frenzy, Lonely Joe Parker.

These guys will always be a favorite:

White Rabbits - "Right Where They Left" from Transmiss

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Be well,

True love will find them in the end.

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These are the most recent pieces in my wardrobe.
* Vintage velvety green jacket- thrifted. I love the little collar and big black vintage buttons. It was a little bit too big so I took in in a bit, but not too much so that I could wear layers under. I'm thinking I can dress it warmer with layers, a scarf, long black gloves, skinnies, and a great pair of boots.
* Black jumpsuit- Target clearance find. So comfy, and I love the side pockets, sash, and pleating at the shoulders. I wouldn't change a thing on it.
* Striped top- thrifted. Not a new piece, but I love wearing stripes.
* Pink suede v-top booties- Dollhouse, found at Ross. Hmm.. I think this makes the third pair of Dollhouse shoes I own now. I love them oh-so plenty.
* Haircut- umm... that was me. Yep, I cut it, shorter than the previous cut. Did you notice? I dig it more than this summer's do.

It was said that I looked like a French girl wearing this outfit. But I often get that comment from my mom. I take it as a compliment.

Bonne journee!

More cowbell.

Only the second long skirt in my wardrobe.
I made this floor length pink striped skirt some time ago and have recently rediscovered it. I am so glad I did. It'll be a somewhat warmer piece to wear during winter months, even though it is a lighter material it still has some structure to it.
In this outfit I paired it with a polka dot blouse and thrifted black bow heels.

Loverly shared bits.

"A Loverly Miss dresses herself with quiet confidence.
Be a Loverly Miss, in Rhianna."

Some photos from the boutique event last month.
Thanks so much to loverly Jana for documenting! :)

I need a hot meal.

P.S ..what happened to autumn? What made it fast forward to winter already?

Give me some sugar, I am your neighbor.

Guess which one I am?
My personal style developement began EARly.
What a sport my mom was for always letting me wear those tights and my favorite red dress.. Love you mom!

Happy weekend,

It's all I can hear.

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*altered gray dropwaist dress, long cardigan, Dollhouse heels- Ross; striped tights- Walmart (yeah, I won't lie.); jewelery- pieces collected over the years*

This dress was several sizes larger with long sleeves and a floor length bottom hem- BUT, I removed the sleeves entirely and replaced them with off-white lace instead. I also took in the sides a bit and cut the length. I find it's a great transitional piece! I wear it with a light jacket and rainboots in the spring, gladiator flats in heat of the summer months, and in the fall? A long cardigan or sweater with tights, boots, and probably a scarf now and again.

My skirts are now officially sold in The Lake Shack Boutique located in Liberty Lake! I'll have a handful of new pieces in each month, and tee's coming soon. I celebrated the night of the boutique party last week. There are photos of that night to be shared, though, I'm not sure they'll ever surface.

I'm off for a cocoa fix. And I might just catch some zzz's early tonight. The blankets atop my bed are quite alluring..
Love and stuff,