It takes two to whisper quietly.

All thrifted outfit today.
Thinking about shortening the skirt to knee length, OR, keeping it as is for winter months- any input?

Keep on keepin' on.

Loverly Miss shop announcement:

Guys & Gals:

Give your wardrobe a facelift and a unique personalized touch
Let me embellish your clothes.. I can add or take away embellishments to your tee's, jackets, jeans, shorts, vests, skirts, dresses, bags, headbands, and hats
paint, buckles, zippers, beads, feathers, bows, flowers, buttons, and other trim..

Be you, with a whisper of Loverly Miss.

Concert coming up? I'll make you a one-of-a-kind tee.

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Finished Projects; Take 12

This outfit makes me want to stroll up and down the Oregon coastline, collecting sea shells, naming hermit crabs, and playing jump rope with tremendously long pieces of sea weed.

Tiered sleeve top with a hint of blue in fabric light as a whisper.


Richard: "You really like it, don't you."
Gabrielle: "What?"
Richard: "Life."
Gabrielle: "Oh! Every morning when I wake up and I see there's a whole new other day, I just go absolutely ape!"
Paris When it Sizzles 1964

Finished Projects; Take 11.

Perfect for when the sun goes down.

Wide neck 3/4 sleeve top; floral print in breezy cotton.

Bonne nuit,

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Drums, here it comes...

Wow. An AMAZINGLY incredible COLDPLAY concert.

I won't ever be able to verbalize what a great show that was! Especially when I share my seating story..
The show was at The Gorge Amphitheatre in George, WA. Great venue, fits thousands of people, and the artists play rain or shine. We had purchased general admission seating, meaning we would have to cram together with thousands of people way up on the grassy hill. But, while we were scouting for a spot to claim as ours, we were approached by a sneakily quiet man, who complimented our t-shirts that I had made. Long story short- he works with the band and, gave us front row seats. Simply because I made a few Coldplay inspired shirts to wear to the concert. I gave him my business card, too. ;)

My brothers shirt- inspired by Coldplay jackets:

My Mom's shirt- inspired by album art for Viva La Vida:

My shirt- inspired by the song Lover's in Japan/Reign of Love:

All photos taken at the concert. Yeah, we were that close.
Be creative; what have you got to lose?

Thank YOU, Vanessa Jackman.

Gentlemen, take note-

All photo credit to Vanessa Jackman.

The first photo has become a recent favorite to me. Effortlessly fantastic.

The weather today has made me think of these photos- when the sun is hiding behind clouds that make you think 'perhaps it will rain', and the breeze in the shade is just enough to give you goose bumps, so you put on a little more clothing than required in the summer months.
But not too much, no. You choose light fabrics, easily layered, nothing bulky or anything you wear to keep from getting a red nose in autumn.

These fellas did just that, in perfect ways. No more, no less, and not a thing out of place.

Enjoy the weather, whatever it may be.

When it's rainin' on Sunday..

Loved today. Morning, noon, and night.
I have quite a few somethings going on.. I'll just say, today was a great little break. Getting wet with rain was perfect.

I'm off to bed early. Quite a record in the books at this hour.
But before I do, I'll cuddle up with my cocoa and watch Aladdin with my cats. ..don't judge me.

Back to the regularly scheduled program soon..

Bonne nuit,