True love will find them in the end.

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These are the most recent pieces in my wardrobe.
* Vintage velvety green jacket- thrifted. I love the little collar and big black vintage buttons. It was a little bit too big so I took in in a bit, but not too much so that I could wear layers under. I'm thinking I can dress it warmer with layers, a scarf, long black gloves, skinnies, and a great pair of boots.
* Black jumpsuit- Target clearance find. So comfy, and I love the side pockets, sash, and pleating at the shoulders. I wouldn't change a thing on it.
* Striped top- thrifted. Not a new piece, but I love wearing stripes.
* Pink suede v-top booties- Dollhouse, found at Ross. Hmm.. I think this makes the third pair of Dollhouse shoes I own now. I love them oh-so plenty.
* Haircut- umm... that was me. Yep, I cut it, shorter than the previous cut. Did you notice? I dig it more than this summer's do.

It was said that I looked like a French girl wearing this outfit. But I often get that comment from my mom. I take it as a compliment.

Bonne journee!

More cowbell.

Only the second long skirt in my wardrobe.
I made this floor length pink striped skirt some time ago and have recently rediscovered it. I am so glad I did. It'll be a somewhat warmer piece to wear during winter months, even though it is a lighter material it still has some structure to it.
In this outfit I paired it with a polka dot blouse and thrifted black bow heels.

Loverly shared bits.

"A Loverly Miss dresses herself with quiet confidence.
Be a Loverly Miss, in Rhianna."

Some photos from the boutique event last month.
Thanks so much to loverly Jana for documenting! :)

I need a hot meal.

P.S ..what happened to autumn? What made it fast forward to winter already?

Give me some sugar, I am your neighbor.

Guess which one I am?
My personal style developement began EARly.
What a sport my mom was for always letting me wear those tights and my favorite red dress.. Love you mom!

Happy weekend,