"This Charming Man"

Kate Sylvester of New Zealand, Spring/Summer 2010 titled "This Charming Man".

I do love leather and floaty fabrics together. Your thoughts?


Under a cloud of sheets.

I went home this past weekend to surprise my family with a visit. Sure was fun to see their reactions. Was also quite an eventful weekend with Father's Day, my parents anniversary, and a sister getting engaged. Plus a much needed visit with friends.

Coeur d' Alene is a beautiful place, always a home to me, and the lake is a great bonus. But I have grown fond of this little town called Salem here in Utah. And, the mountains are bigger here. In this photo they're covered in fog.

I don't think I would allow myself to live in a place without mountains. Oh dear, no.

Artists on repeat: Wesley Jensen, David Gray, Right Away Great Captain (thanks Brock), Dave Mathews.

Love and fog,

I'm not dressed up, I'm dressed.

Seems I am a bit slow at discovering MissSelfridge.com, but what a great discovery.

Dresses, cardis, and hat from Miss Selfridge; shoes from H&M.

Love and discoveries,


It's a great Sunday.

I'm off to make cinnamon rolls, toodles.


Congrats to this couple! They'll be married in August.
I had fun being a poparazzi; they're always laughing :).
We found old train cars abandoned in a field and a lovely orchard. We also crunched through a hay field and admired a duck couple in the cool grass of an elementary school.
We might adventure around an old barn soon, too.

Love & those sweet little simple things,

Put on your ears and turn on your heart.

Hiked Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon this past weekend. Acquired a sunburn as a souvenir. Provo Canyon is beautiful.
Wearing altered jean shorts, top made by me, thrifted leather purse, and white lace-up Keds.

Artists on repeat: The Features, The Bird And The Bee, The Veils, Enya.


P.S. Yesterday hit 90 degrees, and rained huge drops later in the evening; I couldn't let that water go to waste, soaked some up with a big smile on my face.