Newly finished projects of last Saturday. White wing-sleeved top and burnt caramel-colored skirt. Worn with feather hair piece, wedges from Ross, thrifted necklace worn as bracelet, & leather belt tied from my leather jacket.

I wanna go to the zoo!

p.s. Hanson- thinking 'bout somethin'

Doesn't the dancing make you happy?

Precious territory.

I awoke this morning to foggy mountains and the peaceful quietness the rain had brought, cozied up with a big drapey sweater and hot chocolate in hand, with freshly cut white lilacs in a mason jar placed on the kitchen table.
I smiled, goosebumps on my arms.

Photos by Philip Newton; some of what has been inspiring me lately.


One dose of two.

21 Arrondissement

Swagger 360

Fashion Bits and Bobs

Easy Fashion

Now, check this out: The Rise of Smart Fashion.

What are your thoughts? ..A jacket that regulates it's own temperature could be nice in the spring time, but as for charging an ipod or a flashing dress.. I won't participate.

I'd rather have a flying vehicle. Or.. a flying jacket- a chic jacket I could fly to anywhere in when I was wearing it; with wings, not jet packs. Yes!


New Additions

Two men's tshirts and two women's headbands added today!

Check them out in the Loverly Miss Etsy Shop.

"I was gonna make an omlette and tell you."

Yes, I sometimes wear pants.

* 3/4 sleeve blouse- Target; white cropped pants- tjmaxx; heels- Payless, then added feathers; bracelet- F21 *

None of my outfit is actually thrifted.. zoinks.

Artists on repeat: Flashbulb Fires, Claude Debussy, Aushua, The New Pornographers.

Love and flower blossomed trees,

You've got a smile.

* soft white dress made by me, flower detailed collar added from a separate garment; violet suede heels and green belt- thrifted; violet jeweled bracelet- gift from Grandmother; violet cameo ring- gift from Mother *

I'm really craving a warm picnic atop a hill. Perhaps near the Hot Springs up Spanish Fork Canyon?