Finished Projects; Take 14

"Poor me a heavy dose of atmosphere."

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* silky mango skirt- finished project; floral sash- I actually made it to be a scarf.. ; v-neck tee- altered men's hanes tee; flower ring- Khol's *

I haven't touched the sewing machine for two or three days, and.. it feels as if I've abandoned it. It's an entirely new experience for me. Poor guy, he's good to me. But that isn't it at all, I'll be back for sure.
I've been trying to take a break the past couple of days, to gather inspiration and let my mind flow with ideas and things. It's given me some time to myself to breathe, reflect, and prepare for the future, in all aspects of my life.

With an open mind and excited heart,
here I come.


The Sartorialist.

"The Sartorialist"- a photographic street-style blog you must check out, if you haven't already. Photographs of people varying of all ages, genders, shapes, sizes, and styles, from around the world.

Image of 'The Art Director, Milan' from The Sartorialist, shot by Scott Schuman

"The Sartorialist blog is an ever-evolving pictoral essay on the distinction
between personal style and mere fashion; the former is a living, breathing
element, the rest is just clothes."
Stephanie Zacharek

All photos seen in the blog are beautiful and inspirational. Not so much as to inspire one to copy or to look similar as one seen in a photograph, but really, inspiring personal style. You, wanting to express you.

Scott Schuman, behind the lens of The Sartorialist, has now a book of collected images from this wondiferous blog, titled "The Sartorialist". Beautiful, crisp photos in print. Oh happy day..
Read Stephanie Zacharek's article about "The Sartorialist" book, here. Then, proceed to find the book, and subscribe to Mr. Schuman's blog.

'Via Turati, Milano' on The Sartorialist.

Why be anyone else when you can be you?

P.S. I have yet to find a great cruiser bike with my name on it. It's waiting for me, I know it is. Would anyone be so kind as to point me in it's direction?

Just a little something among all my other somethings.

There are lists everywhere. To-do lists, need to do today lists, compiled and prioritized lists, idea lists, want to-do lists, inspiration lists.. Everywhere, tattered scribbled papers and ink pens.

This is what I do when I'm trying to give my head a break, and try to destress/organize my mind and living space.

Latest news- my dresses and skirts, and perhaps a tshirt or two, are soon to be sold in The Lake Shack Boutique, located in Liberty Lake, WA. The reveal of the line Loverly Miss by Rhianna will be introduced at an event the boutique is holding near the third week of September!

Apologies, etsy shop, but this is why you haven't seen more items.

Dream sweetly, and never stop.

Finished Projects; Take 13.

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* pink & white striped dress crafted from soft light-weight flannel; boots- vintage thrift find; ring- thrifted *

Let me be honest- I have way more than 13 finished projects...

I'm diggin' the rain. I'm diggin' this new do. I'm diggin' the progress I've made. And I'm diggin' autumn on it's way.

I'm ready for fall.

No tomfoolery here.

"I've been movin' 'cause my heart is true."

*Reign of Love Coldplay tee with beads of rain off one shoulder, thrifted skirt & vintage granny boots.*

Needing cocoa and feelin' fiesty,