Finished Projects; Take FIVE.

Cheap frills. Here's my latest finished project; I used the fabric I got thrifting a week or two ago:

tiered top, elastic drop-waist.

Artists on repeat today: Cat Power, Bishop Allen, David Rush, Bon Iver, Low vs Diamond.

I wish you a great weekend lovelies!

East End boys and West End Girls

Spring is teasing. Tuesday and Wednesday were pleasantly rainy with sunshine; today... inches of snow. No bueno, no bueno!
Ive gotten suggestions to post some outfits I wear that I haven't made, like thrift store finds, so, I'ma do it. Here's the first post:

(my apologies for bad photos..)

* leather jacket, pants- Ross; striped shirt, stockings- thrifted; black flowy cardigan, bag- TJ Maxx; crochet hat- the skills of my great grandma; necklace- made for me by my Mom; wedges- Payless years ago.

I'll post pieces from my wardrobe now and again. Which, you'll probably never find big mocho designer labels. Maybe someday when Im able to start collecting H&M or Urban Outfitters, just maybe. But thats as mocho as I go.
Tomorrow's post and following will be a handful of finished projects! Stay tuned.

Bonne nuit,

"yeah, they were all yellow"

"There’s the strangest excitement today, if you’re awake then you’re welcome to hear."
The Gift by Angels and Airwaves, a swell song.

I'm feeling in the most excitable way inspired, creative, and oh-so-happy. Might have something to do with me finally able to go thrifting this afternoon, accompanied by the warmth of the sun. With a few other little happy things :)
I purchased this lovely set of four today! Great yellow luggage, all mine for $3! Looks very much vintage, but I could be wrong.

All in good condition! A little dirty, but that doesnt scare me.
Found soap & matches inside, not sure how old they are:

I am excited about the sunshine yellow luggage.. BUT! I also purchased a faux leather laptop shoulder bag, and great fabrics, some in bulk. I found the treasure chest today.
I hope there was sunshine in your day.
Stay warm,

P.S. ..the rain is coming :)

Finished Projects; Take FOUR.

I.. love, when I complete something I've been working on. Its very rewarding and personal to see a part of me, that no one knew before, out into the open. A feeling, an emotion, or a very small portion of a dream, is able to be seen. I am not well at putting feelings into words, most of my communication is nonverbal. Creating something from fabric is someplace I'm able to channel things and get them out into the open. And I know this way, I will always continue, and love "fashion".

Smile like you mean it.



Alas, I finally found a great leather jacket. Or perhaps it found me. It was there, melting me with its come hither-ness from a couple rows further in a mess of unsorted clothing. Mine. A $10 steal. Zing!

Puts the polish on many outfits, and so easily worn. My wardrobe
has very happily welcomed this new piece in.

I had a particularly lovely day yesterday. Much thanks to good friends, great conversation, hot chocolate and crisp February air. Not to mention I got in plenty of people watching. I see so many people who really, don't know who they are. Some of them know it, some don't. Some know who they aren't, or who they want to be, but, "Who are you?". They haven't found it in themselves to know what makes them who they are. Its a missing happiness. Its waiting to be discovered, to be found. ...Are you found?

Finished Projects; Take THREE.

I love wearing this dress..

blue stripe button top, drawstring waist, coral skirt bottom.

Artists on repeat today: Carney, Castledoor, Elbow, Ohbijou.

Keep on keepin' on.