Come, young and old.

This gal is only 16 years of age. Truly refreshing, no?

I always smile when I see a well dressed man of age. So true to themselves.


Even when you wake up.

This is a vintage dress I purchased on etsy at Mr Idahos Vintage.
Tri-colored formfitting silhouette with artsy cord design on shoulder and waist, pockets at the hips.

Artists on repeat: Born Ruffians, Panda Bear, Loney Dear, Gia Margaret, The Snake The Cross The Crown.

Love and groovy tunes,

Judging by the smile on your face

Just some of the loverly glass jars and vases I found.

What a great birthday, the best in a long while.
Birthday tuesday started with donuts and cocoa in the morning with an auntie (with the perfect morning weather to enjoy them outside), the best phone message from my Dad (love you!), watched a happy birthday video from my guy (he's talented), lunch at Quiznos with a gal pal (Quiznos is my favorite next to breakfast foods), walked through a great antique/thrift store (I swoon for old glass jars, luggage, and records), tacos for dinner (thanks auntie), was surprised with a delivery of flowers from my guy (smile), talked to my family via Skype (many laughs), then concluded the day with ice cream and a movie (Moosetracks and When In Rome).
Great day :)

Today was enjoyable as well, I went shopping a bit with some birthday money. I'll share some treasures with you soon, sound good?

Anybody have a favorite birthday, or tradition?

Love and candles,

P.S. Random facts:
* A German World War 2 submarine was sunk due to malfunction of the toilet.
* Peanuts are one of the ingredients for making dynamite.

Heat wave.

It hasn't been below 88 for a couple weeks, and the weather man says it will continue to be over 90 for the next five days. I get tan just from riding in the car. Send rain my way??

These images are ones I've taken before a storm or just after, except the last one.

the Oregon coast

Salem, Utah, from my car window

Home. Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.

Ross Castle, Ireland. I have not yet been. Oh, Ireland..

Whispers in a cool breeze,

If it ever starts sinking in.

Sure has been a busy couple of weeks.

This is one of the vintage dresses I purchased a few weeks ago at Liz's Vintage Soffitta on etsy. It's so comfortable and light, in a great shade of kelly green.

A great week to you,

p.s. Any ideas on what would be fun for my birthday next week?

I really enjoy parades.

This is a finished project from a few weeks ago; nice and light for the summer.

On the topic of new dresses, I purchased two vintage dresses on etsy last week and I am so happy with them! One is a kelly green day dress and the other is tri-colored and form fitting. Love them both. You'll see them in the next couple of weeks, I'm certain.

Fourth of July was great. It was pretty much a whole weekend of festivities, which included a street fair-ish event, fireworks, a visit with an old friend(and a beautiful serenade), early morning air balloon watching, a two hour parade, and a family BBQ. Quite nice.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

P.S. I really do enjoy parades. And, when I see the soldiers and veterans in their uniforms, I always get goosebumps. Good goosebumps.