It's all I can hear.

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*altered gray dropwaist dress, long cardigan, Dollhouse heels- Ross; striped tights- Walmart (yeah, I won't lie.); jewelery- pieces collected over the years*

This dress was several sizes larger with long sleeves and a floor length bottom hem- BUT, I removed the sleeves entirely and replaced them with off-white lace instead. I also took in the sides a bit and cut the length. I find it's a great transitional piece! I wear it with a light jacket and rainboots in the spring, gladiator flats in heat of the summer months, and in the fall? A long cardigan or sweater with tights, boots, and probably a scarf now and again.

My skirts are now officially sold in The Lake Shack Boutique located in Liberty Lake! I'll have a handful of new pieces in each month, and tee's coming soon. I celebrated the night of the boutique party last week. There are photos of that night to be shared, though, I'm not sure they'll ever surface.

I'm off for a cocoa fix. And I might just catch some zzz's early tonight. The blankets atop my bed are quite alluring..
Love and stuff,

Stick to it.

* long cream sweater- gift; black dress- thrifted; legging pants- tjmaxx; flat booties- Khols *

Vintage leather bag available in the etsy store!

Artists on repeat: The Delicious, The Subjects, Hauschka, Maps & Atlases.

Love and a chocolate donut,

Where the people are pleasantly strange.

My stomach is doing flips and turns with happy excitement vs oh-my-a-million-things-still-to-do. The happy excitement has been lingering like a quiet meaningful whisper. Things are coming together soon. But, today, I'm going to step slightly to the side, and roam the streets in fresh air with hot chocolate in hand. Breathe. Smile.

I've had some great thrift finds, but they will be kept from you for just a little while longer.

Autumn is nearly here. It's true. I'm hoping it finds me.



Shedding our summer skin.

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* thrifted & altered vintage coat; thrifted & altered striped top and skirt; boots were a gift; dad's old belt *

Artists on repeat: M. Ward, Goldmund, Citizen Cope, Lisa Hannigan, El Ten Eleven.

My favorite coat, ready for Sunday's rain.
Hakuna matata,