"Come back when you can"

Earlier this week I enjoyed another Barcelona show! They ALWAYS put on a GREAT show. The number of shows I've seen them play exceeds one hand.. Every show feels like a different performance. Like my friend Jana said, it feels like you are at their home sitting around on couches and they're playing you some music. The interaction and conversations between the band members doesn't sound rehearsed in any way, but comfortable and true to them. It was supposed to be the National CD Release Show, but unfortunately the re-release of their album Absolutes with some new tracks since signed with Universal Motown Records, is been postponed until April 28th. Get it. I highly recommend it.

These down-to-earth fellas not only put together great melodic piano-rock tunes, but they also encourage fans to stick around and chat after shows. They are all truly wonderful men. Throughout the show, I was admiring their clothing choices (of course, it's part of my DNA). Chris on guitar was my favorite of the night. The shoes, the shoes, the shoes.. they got me. After the show my gals and I approached him and I somewhat explained my blog, then asked for a photo of his attire. He happily let me. ..I was really wishing I had my other camera by this time, for I only had my dinky Sony one.. bleh. We chatted a bit about his choices and he suggested I check out the store Blackbird in Seattle. Yesterday morning I checked out the online store, and love many of the pieces they have.. I'll probably do a later post on that. Enough chit-chat, photos...

* Chris of Barcelona: shoes- from London :) , pants- gift from Blackbird, jacket- H&M *

I've really enjoyed watching Barcelona progress into a success, doing what they love because they love it, and, being ridiculously great at what they do.
Remember.. April 28. And goodness, check their tour dates!

Thanks so much for chatting fellas :) Good things,

Oooo Sunday Sunday

What a loverly Sunday :)

*cream blouse & long button cardigan- TJ MAXX; skirt- me; coat & boots- thrifted; tights- Walmart*

Parts from my Easter:

With sleepy eyes and a belly that has feasted, it's time for a nap. I'll pull out a warm blanket from the dryer and snuggle up, while the rain whispers a lullaby.


Well how do you do, with a kiss on the cheek

A thrifted skirt I picked up a bit ago:

silky-like washed out blue high-waist pleated skirt tied with ribbon, accompanied by two pockets.

I wanna give a big congratulations to White Rabbits for their success and great music. Their second album is coming out May 19th on TBD Records, titled It's Frightening. Can't wait. Check out the first song, Percussion Gun, from the new album right here. Also, check out these rad photographs taken during studio sessions by Andrew Droz Palermo.
Check the tour dates, I never miss out on a chance to see these guys live. SUPERFULOUS.

Breathe in slowly.

I don't know about the groundhog, but I know it's spring when I can drive with the windows down a bit, and notice flowers wanting to blossom. Bring on the rain and sun!

the coral top is actually a dress I made, a thrifted floral pleated skirt over.

Good things,