Deux: X marks the spot.

I love this yellow gold coat! I replaced the old broken clasps with these swirly ones. Bring on the cold weather. ...Oh wait- just kidding! Really!

Vintage poncho and navy blue wool skirt are available in the etsy store, along with a handful of other vintage pieces that haven't made it to the blog. Check 'em out, dare you.

Cocoa and happily ever afters,

X marks the spot.

Hit the thrifting jackpot today. No joke. Some treasures are going in the etsy store.
I'll share some items real soon, including a great autumn yellow/gold colored dress coat.
Until then...

Can't believe I found these. They will be in the etsy store Tuesday.


Sunday rain is falling.

* men's button-up shirt- thrifted; legging pants- tj maxx; long sweater- gift; thanks Jana for the mug :) *

What if.. you were deaf. Completely deaf. Have you ever REALLY thought about it? You wouldn't hear your favorite song. Birds in the morning. Ocean waves. Harmonies, acoustics. Rain. Laughter. 'I love you'. Whispers. ...dang. I guess.. it's a good thing we have four other senses.


P.S. There's something about wearing a men's shirt that makes a woman feel great.

Your undisclosed desires.

* dress I made from a pillowcase pieces, has subtle striping; long cardigan and v-top booties- Ross; striped tights- Walmart *

Artists on repeat: Band of Skulls (chya, they're def. a fav.), The Black and White Years, A Fine Frenzy, Lonely Joe Parker.

These guys will always be a favorite:

White Rabbits - "Right Where They Left" from Transmiss

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Be well,