April Smith and the Great Picture Show

As said in the prior post, April Smith and the Great Picture Show were part of the free concert with Fanfarlo at the Knitting Factory Thursday night. What a fantastic performance! The upright bass got your head bobbin' as you felt it in your chest, and the man on drums made you smile a million times. I find the drummers are usually the most fun to watch, they make it seem like they are in their most happiest state while they're drum drum drummin.

All the fellas were handsomely dressed and April Smith in a tootoo. I'll break it down a bit- the man on keys sporting suspenders and a fedora, accordian/guitarist looking pro in a buttoned vest, drummer sporting a great hat and striped socks, and the man on bass just had a feeling about him with that very nice feather fedora that won my vote for best dressed (or, maybe it was just that great looking bass in that rich red wood color that did it). Each member with splendid shoes, and, no pleated pants.

An all around superfulous band with great taste, that encourage you to chat with them after performances. Check out their tunes here, and as always, the tour dates!


Fanfarlo visits Spokane

Fanfarlo played a great show Thursday night at the Knitting Factory in Spokane, Washington. A free show put on by 96.9, with Kristen Marlo opening and April Smith and The Great Picture Show who got the crowd dancing and ready for Fanfarlo.
Their home being in London, England, their performance and clothing attire, all dressed in pastel colors that night, was nothing short of groovy. I love their many instruments and how the sounds are 'smarvelously put together.

Listen to Fanfarlo's groovy tunes here, and, check their tour dates!


More on April Smith and The Great Picture Show in the coming post..

Sparkle and shine.

* thrifted sequin blazer and violet leather heels; skirt made by me *

This spring season I think I'm really going to be in to bows, sequin and bead embellishments, and rad sleeves.

It's warming up a bit outside. Hit 50 degrees yesterday, yet the morning is oh-so-frigid and the grass is all icicle-y. I love the near unpredictability of the weather.

...mm mm Cadbury Easter chocolate.

I'll be seeing you.

I would really like a floral print blazer, (florals in spring.. surprising, I know) in a smallish colorful print, without being too busy, and perhaps with a relaxed fit. I could probably find one thrifting.. but it's nice to acquire a piece once in a while that I don't make myself or don't have to do any kind of altering. I enjoy admiring the work of others, too.


Urban Outfitters

I like the two of these, but I'm just not in love with either, so I'll save my pennies for the right one.

Oh, I almost forgot, I picked up a great black sequin blazer a couple weeks ago! I am not usually one for sequins but it's a girl's prerogative to change her mind, ya know? I'll show it to you soon!


Ain't nobody's business.

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I think the theme song for this post is Michael Jackson's "You Make Me Feel". That song can put me in a feel-good mood instantly. Exactly how I feel in this dress and jacket.

The dress is a finished project.. a v-neck with stitching details on sleeve edges and neck. Love the way the red fabric flows and bounces. You'll see plenty more of this leather jacket, a way early birthday gift from my grandma. I don't plan on wearing any other kind of jacket this spring.

Love and a hot fudge sundae,

Switched my provider so we could talk for free.

Haha.. "Birthday text" by Sherwood:

Check out Sherwood's real songs and tour dates here. :)


But your soul you must keep totally free.

A lady is not prideful, but whispers quiet confidence in the things she does.
A lady is not sloppily dressed, but chooses to dress herself in a way that shows respect towards those around her and reflects herself, while still all her own.
A lady is not desperate for the attention of others, but quietly listens and observes, and can be quite content saying nothing at all.
A lady is not rude, but politely speaks her mind and heart as she sees fit.
A lady holds no grudges, but loves.
A lady loves.
A lady is not foolish, but learns.
A lady does not put herself in bad company, but instead accompanies herself with those whom uplift her.
A lady is not a liar, but understands and speaks truth, with heart.
A lady is not inconsiderate of the thoughts and feelings of others, but follows her own heart. Always.
A lady ponders life in every aspect, and appreciates simple, beautiful things.
A lady knows her own heart and mind, and is humbled when opportunities come her way where she can learn, grow, and be of help to others.
A lady feels the only real elegance is how the mind and heart compliment each other.
A lady knows exactly who she is when she smiles.

Being a Lady is not an outfit you wear, or a phrase you repeat.
A lady is not one characteristic, she is a lifestyle.



Evenings are calm but I am restless.

* pink pleated skirt and wool cardigan- thrifted pieces; lace tank- Ross *

Dare you...

Dare you to come check out the many new handmade and vintage Loverly Miss items on etsy!


The secret's in the telling

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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is a dress I made a couple years ago, and it remains a favorite.

I've been listening to Spanish music constantly for the past couple days. Bailamos!

Love and groovy tunes,