Get your hat, we're going to a tea party.

This afternoon my Great Aunt Eva had a loverly tea party.
She used to plan them years ago when my sister and I were around the ages of six and seven. I remember we got dolled up, big dresses, hair fancy, pretty purses, and no boys allowed. I loved it.
This afternoon we did just that. All the girls, young and old, were invited to Great Aunt Eva's house for a tea party (well, some of us had cocoa).

My youngest sister, Avery, this afternoon at about the age I was when the last tea party took place.

Heart-shaped PB&J's, tuna salad sandwiches, and chicken salad sandwiches.

Don't worry, I had more than one.

My Great Grandma and I, she was wearing the cutest hat!

I really enjoyed it! Candles were lit, all of us looking cutesy, small and oh-so-yummy sandwiches and cookies, fresh fruit, bottomless cocoa or tea in dainty dishes.. a loverly afternoon indeed.
Guarantee you I'll carry this on with my future little ones. So fun and girly.

Now I'm off to prepare new etsy items..


Just an FYI, new flirty spring skirts coming to the etsy shop next month. Many of them. Stay tuned for a peek of those. Currently all handmade dresses and skirts are on sale to make room for spring items.

"All musicians are subconsciously mathematicians." -Thelonious Monk. Heh. Stumbled upon that at this great spot.

Have you seen the video "Chasing Pirates" by Norah Jones? She looks adorable. Loving the hair. Am I late at finding out about her adorable short cut?

I have a vintage men's blazer and vest up for grabs on ebay. Give it a look-see.

Those are all my things for today. Have a 'smarvelous weekend!


'Swonderful, 'Smarvelous

* oversized sweater & legging pants- Ross; men's gray tee- altered and embellished by me *

Today is one of those days when you just.. feel good.

There's no long to-do list haunting you, you've done all your laundry while listening to big swing bands, you've made a blankety fort under the dining table and had a picnic in it, the house smells like fresh warm brownies, and you're content with snuggling down on the couch to watch an old film in the middle of the afternoon, something of a rarity.


Ooo, I feel like a woman.

I am currently loving the Anthropologie January 2010 catalog...

These are just a few of my favorites, I adore the whole catalog! I can't tell you how many times I've carefully turned the pages as to not wrinkle them, so I can keep them as a source of inspiration. I love that they made the shoes seem more delicious than candies and pastries.
Can't wait to finally visit an Anthropologie when I move to Utah. But, leaving all forms of money at home, of course.


Won't you tell him to put on some speed

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* striped dress- finished project; long sweater- Ross; navy socks & peacock necklace- gifts; boots- thrifted vintage *

Feeling quite restless lately. I'll be moving in a couple weeks near Salt Lake, UT. There holds more opportunities for my clothing and myself, while I can be surrounded with family and friends. I am certainly ready.
Think I'll spend some time on the docks of the lake this afternoon. Looks gray and foggy out, and the rain is teasing. Perfect.


P.S. I hate ugg boots.

Mind your manners.

From New Zealand designer Juliette Hogan's Winter '09 collection, "mind your manners...".
Fourth image is my favorite.

Love and cocoa,

P.S. Vampire Weekend's newest album is out Tuesday 1/12/2010! Give it a listen. Dare you.

My heart instead can hear what goes unsaid.

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* blue & white speckle dress with red trim- finished project; bracelet & navy socks- gifts; red boots- souvenir from Oregon *

Artists on repeat: Meaghan Smith, Doves, Regina Spektor, Vampire Weekend.