* handmade skirt; thrifted men's button-up shirt, belt, and vintage heels *


Show me your music heart

Stylish Dan from Lady Danville. Cool dudes with groovy talent. These fellas love what they're doing! Touring with Barcelona.. so, duh. GO.

Rebecca Taylor 2011

Rebecca Taylor 2011 collection. Photos via
Pretty frocks, no?


P.S. Going to Barcelona tomorrow. Yeah. No big deal, only the millionth time seeing them live. They're that smarvelous.

P.S.S Wanted to get Sasquatch tickets today.. pretty much sold out. When do they go on sale?!


These are my two youngest cousins, just two weeks apart. I painted tshirts for them and their Mom's have sent me photos of the girls wearing them :) They're fun, and I'm working on one for my newest niece as well!

Love & smiles,