Drums, here it comes...

Wow. An AMAZINGLY incredible COLDPLAY concert.

I won't ever be able to verbalize what a great show that was! Especially when I share my seating story..
The show was at The Gorge Amphitheatre in George, WA. Great venue, fits thousands of people, and the artists play rain or shine. We had purchased general admission seating, meaning we would have to cram together with thousands of people way up on the grassy hill. But, while we were scouting for a spot to claim as ours, we were approached by a sneakily quiet man, who complimented our t-shirts that I had made. Long story short- he works with the band and, gave us front row seats. Simply because I made a few Coldplay inspired shirts to wear to the concert. I gave him my business card, too. ;)

My brothers shirt- inspired by Coldplay jackets:

My Mom's shirt- inspired by album art for Viva La Vida:

My shirt- inspired by the song Lover's in Japan/Reign of Love:

All photos taken at the concert. Yeah, we were that close.
Be creative; what have you got to lose?

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Dane Ficklin said...

That fourth photo is AMAZING!!