Finished Projects; Take 14

"Poor me a heavy dose of atmosphere."

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* silky mango skirt- finished project; floral sash- I actually made it to be a scarf.. ; v-neck tee- altered men's hanes tee; flower ring- Khol's *

I haven't touched the sewing machine for two or three days, and.. it feels as if I've abandoned it. It's an entirely new experience for me. Poor guy, he's good to me. But that isn't it at all, I'll be back for sure.
I've been trying to take a break the past couple of days, to gather inspiration and let my mind flow with ideas and things. It's given me some time to myself to breathe, reflect, and prepare for the future, in all aspects of my life.

With an open mind and excited heart,
here I come.



Valencia Lia said...

I love this outfit ! And your MNG silk skirt is so beautiful !

Did you made it or reconstruct it ?

Rhianna said...

thank you! I made it from left over fabric used for my mother's bridesmaid dresses years ago.