Welcome, two thousand ten.

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* turtleneck- tjmaxx; lace skirt- finished projects; belt- dad's old leather I snatched *

Everyone excited for the New Year?!

All years previous to this one, I've spent the New Year celebrating in gatherings, loud and big. Not this one.
This New Years Eve, I'm staying in. I'll wear my over sized red robe, watch old black and white films, drink cocoa from a champagne glass, surrounded by blankets and wandering thoughts. Welcoming this New Year drenched in twilight and humbled with gratitude, ready for more.
When I think of 2009, I think of changes. Progress. The year my heart and mind changed greatly. Still more awaiting, and I couldn't be more happy and anxious.
Here comes 2010. It's going to be a big one, really.

Be safe, don't forget who you are when you smile.


Kylie Stiles said...

Lookin good cuz!

altamira: models off duty said...

I mean this with all sincerity, I love how your dedication to personal growth infuses your writing. I can see it's passion runs deep :)

Laura said...

lovely skirt!! xo