You've got a smile.

* soft white dress made by me, flower detailed collar added from a separate garment; violet suede heels and green belt- thrifted; violet jeweled bracelet- gift from Grandmother; violet cameo ring- gift from Mother *

I'm really craving a warm picnic atop a hill. Perhaps near the Hot Springs up Spanish Fork Canyon?



Anonymous said...

I've been there. LONG hike. It was an ok place though.

Leanna said...

Gosh girl, you are so beautiful. And incredibly talented!

A picnic would be just grand...I'm feeling a movie in the park along with it. I'm in the mood now.


Patrick said...

That dress is quite superb.

Rose said...


Ana said...

You look so delicate and lovely:)

Thank you for finding the time to leave me a comment and sorry for the late answer. I was out of town.

HAve a lovely week.
Love your style much.