I'd fancy another cup of warmth

Burrrr! It's continued to stay quite cold outside, which means this three feet of snow, a rediculous amount, won't be going anywhere for a long while. Makes one oh-so-sore shoveling so much. Although, its a fantastical excuse to make myself a big mug of hot chocolatey goodness and get away with it. :)

I've taken advantage of being snowed in and have been on track to finishing & starting some clothing projects. I'm working on a really cool tee that is close to being wearable, but this is a top I finished last week and will share with you:

A sleeveless silky top, gathered at the collar and tie-back. It turned out smarvelous, me thinks. I wear it with a brownish cardigan, blue skinny jeans, and 'lil red wedges.

Be warm and well.



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Glenn Landberg said...

Um, I'm back in Idaho now and you are going to need more then this to go out in. Hurry up and make it warm. The coco will still taste good. wouldnt mind bumping into you.