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One topic I haven't spoken of yet- the opposite sex. Dapper men, if you will. You know the ones.. dressed just right, head to toe, with their perfect smiles to compliment what they've got. I love the vintage/european styles. My favorite things to see on a man: a v-neck tee, 80's shades or aviator shades, sweaters, hats like a fedora, leather jacket, relaxed blazer, scarf, peacoat, and sweet kicks. I'm going to share some of my favorite outfits that I can't help but smile and wonder about the men wearing them. Let these following photos be guidelines to you fellas. Shall we? Follow me.

I'll start off with handsome Penn Badgley. Great outfit for many occasions- v-neck tee with a nice cardigan, relaxed jeans, and simple kicks. Can't go wrong. Personally, I'm a huge fan of v-necks..

photo source:

These next few are of a kind gentleman, Jake, whom let me snatch a few photos. I dig a man in vintage!

Also, check out Jake's music here.

There is absolutely no need to spend a dump-truck-load of money on an outfit, hit up thrift stores. Seriously. I admire and respect those fellas more who care about their appearance and put a little effort into it than those who don't. I hope I inspired some guys to, perhaps, look in the mirror before they leave home everyday. ;) A little effort goes a long way..

If you want more photos of outfits I dig, check out the Urban Outfitters men, and this coolio site. I love all the clothes shown.

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The Only One said...

1) Penn Badgely showcases spring fashions in the latest issue of GQ.

2) Thank you for letting us know how to catch your attention.

Rhianna said...

..I just checked out Penn's pics in the GQ- 'swonderful. dig it!