But your soul you must keep totally free.

A lady is not prideful, but whispers quiet confidence in the things she does.
A lady is not sloppily dressed, but chooses to dress herself in a way that shows respect towards those around her and reflects herself, while still all her own.
A lady is not desperate for the attention of others, but quietly listens and observes, and can be quite content saying nothing at all.
A lady is not rude, but politely speaks her mind and heart as she sees fit.
A lady holds no grudges, but loves.
A lady loves.
A lady is not foolish, but learns.
A lady does not put herself in bad company, but instead accompanies herself with those whom uplift her.
A lady is not a liar, but understands and speaks truth, with heart.
A lady is not inconsiderate of the thoughts and feelings of others, but follows her own heart. Always.
A lady ponders life in every aspect, and appreciates simple, beautiful things.
A lady knows her own heart and mind, and is humbled when opportunities come her way where she can learn, grow, and be of help to others.
A lady feels the only real elegance is how the mind and heart compliment each other.
A lady knows exactly who she is when she smiles.

Being a Lady is not an outfit you wear, or a phrase you repeat.
A lady is not one characteristic, she is a lifestyle.




Leanna said...

This is amazing, did you write this?

Rhianna said...

It was provoked by my feeling that many were confused about just what a lady REally is; I feel she's a person rather than merely just an image.