April Smith and the Great Picture Show

As said in the prior post, April Smith and the Great Picture Show were part of the free concert with Fanfarlo at the Knitting Factory Thursday night. What a fantastic performance! The upright bass got your head bobbin' as you felt it in your chest, and the man on drums made you smile a million times. I find the drummers are usually the most fun to watch, they make it seem like they are in their most happiest state while they're drum drum drummin.

All the fellas were handsomely dressed and April Smith in a tootoo. I'll break it down a bit- the man on keys sporting suspenders and a fedora, accordian/guitarist looking pro in a buttoned vest, drummer sporting a great hat and striped socks, and the man on bass just had a feeling about him with that very nice feather fedora that won my vote for best dressed (or, maybe it was just that great looking bass in that rich red wood color that did it). Each member with splendid shoes, and, no pleated pants.

An all around superfulous band with great taste, that encourage you to chat with them after performances. Check out their tunes here, and as always, the tour dates!


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