A Finished Project.

This is the coat I was telling you about, my first ever attempt at taking on such a project.
It's got a giant hood, frog closures (no, they don't really look like frogs), black lining, and green zig-zag stitch details on the edges of the hood, pockets, and sleeves. What do you think?

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I've felt so inspired lately in everything I've been making. Many finished projects. I think I may have a whole spring wardrobe now.. I think it's my being restless, anxious, excited, all inspired by love, and this is the way I choose to let it escape. I get thinking about new adventures in a new town soon, and I immediately have ideas rush around and feel the need to be creative with my hands. I'm loving it and constantly learning so much.

"Funny how we can feel so much but can't say a word."
Warm cookies and sunny weekends,


Rachel said...

looked great when I saw it the other week! You are getting so good woman!

KylieAnnah said...

I love love love it! Its the perfect coat!

Anonymous said...

Love it. Feel free to make me one!