The perfume the air would bring.

* altered gray dress; striped top and lace-up shoes- thrifted; ring- vintage shop *

Springtime in a new town is a great way to start things off.
I traveled twelve hours and now live near Salt Lake, Utah and I'm really liking it so far. Though, there are only a couple thrift stores which might be the death of me. Hah. But there are so many other things to occupy myself with. I'm excited to.. ride the train to Heber city, as well as Salt Lake City, walk the old building main streets in the warmth of the sun, discover picnic spots, hide out in cocoa shops, attend MANY concerts, ride the big swings in the Orem park, see who comes for the Sundance Film festivals, and so many other things as the seasons bring changes.

Loverly week to you all,


Merv said...

Love your blog. Followed the link from I even went all the way to your January entries!

Rhianna said...

oh thank you thank you! It's pleasant to read comments once in a while to make me feel like I'm not just talking to space.. :)