Set the Scene

A calm coffee shop downtown Coeur d’ Alene, live music being played by a local handsome fellow, and I sit at a table and chair next to a window with hot chocolate-y goodness in hand, looking out onto the dimly lit rainy evening street, writing my first ever blog. Swell :) Well, lovelies, lets get the show on the road, eh?
I dig vintage glam, thrift store finds, classic films (ESPecially those that loverly Audrey Hepburn star in), music, the rain, Autumn, the little things, long walks, laughter, and making some of my own clothing. For awhile I had some painted and embroidered tees in a boutique located in the Spokane Valley Mall. That was so neat-o to have something that I put a lot of love, time, and creative juices into and have that product be hung in a high-fashion boutique, sold to admirers.. Groovy, baby. In this blog I write, I’ll spill about my view on fashion, my clothing I make or pieces I revamp, vintage what-nots and whozits, classy ladies and gentleman, the little things, my favorite thrift store finds, European style, inspiration and new discoverings.. along with randomosity that goes on now and again.
I’ll post weekly, don’t wander too far. :)

Be real.

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Glenn Landberg said...

I love it. Stick with it.

I will check it daily like i do with about 15 others. So trust me i will be one of the first to see it.

I love that big coat.