Finished Projects; Take EIGHT.

Jumpsuit?! Oui. I sport one.

my tank jumpsuit: zip-up top & elastic waist with pockets.

I've been intrigued by jumpsuits for this spring. Wondering, could I pull this off? Let alone, could I make one myself? And, I have done it. This really was a project, really I just wanted to try it because I was curious to see if I could. I learned oodles from this. Initially I wanted a solid black fabric, though I had much of this pattered fabric leftover from other projects. It's so comfortable, I am a bit surprised how much I enjoy wearing it.

"I am convinced there is always room for projects that have at their core
originality, energy, and passion."
- Matteo Marzotto

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Jana said...

You did it! Oh this is happiness. I love the shoes, also. Perfect for the jumpsuit, me thinks. I really am impressed.

Great job, definitely worth all the time you spent. Bravo! It's super nice to put a picture with the project now.. thanks for posting such goodness.