Finished Projects; Take SEVEN.

Oh boy, I have so many finished projects that I want to get up here.. but as soon as Im finishing one up I get another idea and start on it right away. I look into my closet and see about seven done pieces hanging there that I still need to get up here. Plus, a couple I am currently working on.
Here is a top I finished, seems like long ago:

An off-white sort of linen fabric with subtle white stripes.
Painted french emblems on the sleeves.

I've been in an intense state of 'design mode', if you will, lately. Its ever on going it seems. My brain swirls and twirls with ideas and inspirations, and sometimes gives my head an ache. But I am learning SO much, and loving it always :)

words and things,

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Jana said...

This is soooo beautiful.