When the wind was fresh on the hills.

"There's no point in being unhappy about growing older. Just think of the millions who have been denied the privilege."
-Cary Grant

While I wait for my clothes in the dryer… I snapped this earlier:

I went to Walgreens today for a couple miscellaneous things. While in checkout, there was a charming, happy old man just ahead of me, I’d guess 70+ years of age. He talked with a British accent, and dressed perfectly, hat to shoes. I wasn’t attracted to him, mind you, but he was in a way, quite refreshing. He somewhat reminded me of the old man, George, from the classic Disney film Aristocats. He wasn’t prancing around dancing or singing like George, but he very well could have been in that sincere heart of his. Anyways, he left with a “too-da-lou” to the patient checkout man, and off he went into the rainy afternoon.
On the drive home, I very much thought of the older generations; the struggles they’ve been through, the joys they’ve experienced, the families they’ve raised. I am so grateful and truly respect them. Even in this ever-so-changing world, they are the ones who continue to be themselves. You can count on it. They’re not going to change who they are to fit in with something current. They’re living to live. And do so with a smile. And goodness, when they give you a compliment, you surely know they mean it. They don’t mess around. :) Learn from them.

The buzzer in the background tells me my clothes are dry. That means, finished project posts to come..


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