Get your hat, we're going to a tea party.

This afternoon my Great Aunt Eva had a loverly tea party.
She used to plan them years ago when my sister and I were around the ages of six and seven. I remember we got dolled up, big dresses, hair fancy, pretty purses, and no boys allowed. I loved it.
This afternoon we did just that. All the girls, young and old, were invited to Great Aunt Eva's house for a tea party (well, some of us had cocoa).

My youngest sister, Avery, this afternoon at about the age I was when the last tea party took place.

Heart-shaped PB&J's, tuna salad sandwiches, and chicken salad sandwiches.

Don't worry, I had more than one.

My Great Grandma and I, she was wearing the cutest hat!

I really enjoyed it! Candles were lit, all of us looking cutesy, small and oh-so-yummy sandwiches and cookies, fresh fruit, bottomless cocoa or tea in dainty dishes.. a loverly afternoon indeed.
Guarantee you I'll carry this on with my future little ones. So fun and girly.

Now I'm off to prepare new etsy items..