'Swonderful, 'Smarvelous

* oversized sweater & legging pants- Ross; men's gray tee- altered and embellished by me *

Today is one of those days when you just.. feel good.

There's no long to-do list haunting you, you've done all your laundry while listening to big swing bands, you've made a blankety fort under the dining table and had a picnic in it, the house smells like fresh warm brownies, and you're content with snuggling down on the couch to watch an old film in the middle of the afternoon, something of a rarity.



Tiger Katelin said...

Ah! I long for that day...struggling with my laundry now actually haha. nice pictures! :)

Kasiek said...

Loverly Miss I just want to say, that Your Blog is great: pictures, music- all is very sensitive. Greetings from Poland. Kate

Imke said...

Very cute pics!
Nice blog ^^