Won't you tell him to put on some speed

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* striped dress- finished project; long sweater- Ross; navy socks & peacock necklace- gifts; boots- thrifted vintage *

Feeling quite restless lately. I'll be moving in a couple weeks near Salt Lake, UT. There holds more opportunities for my clothing and myself, while I can be surrounded with family and friends. I am certainly ready.
Think I'll spend some time on the docks of the lake this afternoon. Looks gray and foggy out, and the rain is teasing. Perfect.


P.S. I hate ugg boots.


Jana said...

Brock hates ugg boots, too. ;) I am excited for your move. You are ready - I am not. Will miss you greatly, but excited for your future.
Lovely thoughts and cocoa -

kendal croix said...

super cute dress!