Finished Projects; Take FOUR.

I.. love, when I complete something I've been working on. Its very rewarding and personal to see a part of me, that no one knew before, out into the open. A feeling, an emotion, or a very small portion of a dream, is able to be seen. I am not well at putting feelings into words, most of my communication is nonverbal. Creating something from fabric is someplace I'm able to channel things and get them out into the open. And I know this way, I will always continue, and love "fashion".

Smile like you mean it.



Jana said...

I love checking in on your blog to see these marvelous finished projects, lovely pictures and fantastic thoughts! Now that is HAPPINESS to me.

Ceramic Banana said...

Rhianna, I love your beautiful blog! And your beautiful face.
Were you quoting Mika? Good girl.

lurve you, I would like to see you again soon someday. ♥