East End boys and West End Girls

Spring is teasing. Tuesday and Wednesday were pleasantly rainy with sunshine; today... inches of snow. No bueno, no bueno!
Ive gotten suggestions to post some outfits I wear that I haven't made, like thrift store finds, so, I'ma do it. Here's the first post:

(my apologies for bad photos..)

* leather jacket, pants- Ross; striped shirt, stockings- thrifted; black flowy cardigan, bag- TJ Maxx; crochet hat- the skills of my great grandma; necklace- made for me by my Mom; wedges- Payless years ago.

I'll post pieces from my wardrobe now and again. Which, you'll probably never find big mocho designer labels. Maybe someday when Im able to start collecting H&M or Urban Outfitters, just maybe. But thats as mocho as I go.
Tomorrow's post and following will be a handful of finished projects! Stay tuned.

Bonne nuit,


Glenn Landberg said...

looking good dude. I can only hope that you have seen the video for "her Morning Elegance" If you have not... please get on it. It blew my socks clean off.

Rhianna said...

I have seen it, GREAT video. Glad your socks were clean.