Alas, I finally found a great leather jacket. Or perhaps it found me. It was there, melting me with its come hither-ness from a couple rows further in a mess of unsorted clothing. Mine. A $10 steal. Zing!

Puts the polish on many outfits, and so easily worn. My wardrobe
has very happily welcomed this new piece in.

I had a particularly lovely day yesterday. Much thanks to good friends, great conversation, hot chocolate and crisp February air. Not to mention I got in plenty of people watching. I see so many people who really, don't know who they are. Some of them know it, some don't. Some know who they aren't, or who they want to be, but, "Who are you?". They haven't found it in themselves to know what makes them who they are. Its a missing happiness. Its waiting to be discovered, to be found. ...Are you found?

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