"yeah, they were all yellow"

"There’s the strangest excitement today, if you’re awake then you’re welcome to hear."
The Gift by Angels and Airwaves, a swell song.

I'm feeling in the most excitable way inspired, creative, and oh-so-happy. Might have something to do with me finally able to go thrifting this afternoon, accompanied by the warmth of the sun. With a few other little happy things :)
I purchased this lovely set of four today! Great yellow luggage, all mine for $3! Looks very much vintage, but I could be wrong.

All in good condition! A little dirty, but that doesnt scare me.
Found soap & matches inside, not sure how old they are:

I am excited about the sunshine yellow luggage.. BUT! I also purchased a faux leather laptop shoulder bag, and great fabrics, some in bulk. I found the treasure chest today.
I hope there was sunshine in your day.
Stay warm,

P.S. ..the rain is coming :)


Jana said...

Ohhhh! These are amazing! I was having a hard time visualizing said luggage, but now I understand! I apologize. I was thinking "slip cases" not "suit cases"... I am SO ashamed! I feel guilty for not gushing earlier, I totally missed out!!! These are AMAZING!!!!!! Yes, I used too many exclamation points there, but honestly, this is such fabulous news! Great suit cases!!! Ahhh!

StyleCopycat said...

Nice blog!