If it ever starts sinking in.

Sure has been a busy couple of weeks.

This is one of the vintage dresses I purchased a few weeks ago at Liz's Vintage Soffitta on etsy. It's so comfortable and light, in a great shade of kelly green.

A great week to you,

p.s. Any ideas on what would be fun for my birthday next week?


Miss Marvy said...

You and that dress are stunning together. Mmmm.... birthday.... a quick trip to Ireland? Perhaps thrifting? A little cafe somewhere with music? Being bombarded with one hundred text messages saying happy birthday to you... from me? Stargazing? A delightful evening with... that one nice friend?

Dane Ficklin said...

You have yet to make a single post that fails to strike me with your loveliness and taste. It's a treat to follow you about!

Ball Lightning said...

Miss Marvy has some great ideas. I wish you could combine them all into one super-mega birthday.

If you feel like celebrating with a stranger, I would be happy to accompany you on a birthday adventure.


by the way I love your blog (although I must admit that i am probably the least fashionable person you will ever meet) you have really great music on here.. i often let it run in the background. most of this stuff i have never heard before but i really enjoy it.