I really enjoy parades.

This is a finished project from a few weeks ago; nice and light for the summer.

On the topic of new dresses, I purchased two vintage dresses on etsy last week and I am so happy with them! One is a kelly green day dress and the other is tri-colored and form fitting. Love them both. You'll see them in the next couple of weeks, I'm certain.

Fourth of July was great. It was pretty much a whole weekend of festivities, which included a street fair-ish event, fireworks, a visit with an old friend(and a beautiful serenade), early morning air balloon watching, a two hour parade, and a family BBQ. Quite nice.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

P.S. I really do enjoy parades. And, when I see the soldiers and veterans in their uniforms, I always get goosebumps. Good goosebumps.

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Ball Lightning said...

You are gorgeous. I think i've said this before but its still true.