Heat wave.

It hasn't been below 88 for a couple weeks, and the weather man says it will continue to be over 90 for the next five days. I get tan just from riding in the car. Send rain my way??

These images are ones I've taken before a storm or just after, except the last one.

the Oregon coast

Salem, Utah, from my car window

Home. Coeur d' Alene, Idaho.

Ross Castle, Ireland. I have not yet been. Oh, Ireland..

Whispers in a cool breeze,

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Miss Marvy said...

I sobbed my eyes out watching P.S. I Love You early early early this morning. I almost jumped in my car and drove to you. I need rain, puddle jumping, umbrella painting, cocoa sipping and a good chat with you...not in that order.

Lovely photos.

P.S. I am making a skirt. Yes. Truly. You inspired me.