All it takes is a little faith and a lot of heart, sweetheart.

This afternoon I'm here in a small town library on a cozy round chair positioned next to the window. It may be the only place to get wifi. But it's a nice hideout spot from the crazy weather outside- real dark, wind howling, half raining half hailing ferociously.. wish I had a mug of hot chocolatey goodness.

Stumbled upon Nadinoo just now..

An excerpt from the 'About' section:
"Celebrating the lady from era’s gone by, Nadinoo invites timeless silhouettes and detailing to create it’s vintage felt collections. Designs include boastful bows, flirtatious frills and beautiful bell shapes in sumptuous silks and cottons from Liberty of London prints."

Quite loverly, no?

All photos from Nadinoo site.

Love from a small town,

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Jana said...

Charming! - and glad you found a refuge from the wind.