I'll be your bird.

* top- Khol's; heels- Payless, with added feathers; skirt and feather headband- made be me; cameo necklace- used to be my Mother's *

I've been listening to M. Ward in the late evenings for some days now; something about his voice is relaxing.
I've realized a certain comfort that can be found in a man cannot really be found in anything else. Like when a father tells you he is proud, and loves you. It means so much when he speaks his heart. Or the feeling of strength and comfort you feel when a man wraps his arms around you and hugs you meaningfully.

There are different ways men and women comfort each other, and makes the other happy. We need each other for whole completeness, and happiness.

I'll continue dreaming of a man with arms to consume me that I can call all mine, with a smile on my face.



Anonymous said...

i think you need a pretty lady to make you happy. :)
girls are much cuter than boys heheh.

Leanna said...

You're precious. I agree about the man part...yet promise me you won't settle yourself. No guy should get your heart if he doesn't truly deserve it and you. <3

Keep posting and I'll keep reading.