Drum roll...

News: I am the winner of the "Visions of Green Contest"! Thank you truly to everyone whom commented and voted, and Mode Republic for the opportunity. :)

As winner, I receive $100, cover model of the week (check it out here), and an interview with Mode Republic for an article.

Thanks so much!


P.S. I'm currently thinking.. I've never won anything except a bowling tournament when I was in seventh grade.


Pig Pig said...

WHoop WHOOP! go Lady R! love the look. love you.

Rachel said...

I would have been happy with winning the bowling tournament! Yeah! You won! That cover looks so cool. You need to print it out and make a big poster out of it! This just made my day! You are just awesome.
Love you!

erin :) said...

that's so exciting! congrats! i would most definitely have voted for you if i found your blog earlier! you are so beautiful! :)

Glenn Landberg said...

Nice work. Keep at it. You will be super famous in no time.