So I crawl under my blankets.

(photo here)

This closely resembles my dream bedroom. The colors, small chandelier, curtains, blue chair, floors, door to a balcony, and note the mug on the bedside table. So comfortable, relaxing, and good-feeling. Except in my dream.. there aren't unnecessary pillows and the blankets look slept in. I think I would also change the bedside tables, and add these things:

(photo here)

(photo here)

(photo here)

What do you think?



Leanna said...

Absolutely adore. What a heavenly room that is! It'd be so comforting to wake up to the world and know that your beautiful room could start your day off just splendid.

Patrick said...

I came to your blog a little while back via Lookbook, and it's splendid. It's refreshing nowadays to see a young lady who does not wear the same thing as everyone else.

Rhianna said...

Thank you Patrick! It's refreshing to receive a compliment such as yours. :)

Leanna, doesn't the way you wake up make such a difference?!